What’s The Picture Food & Cooking Answers – Level 1

This is the very first level of Food and Cooking and it’s one of my favorite. I love cooking and it was fun to identify new dishes. You can find answers to this entire set here. Please share your views via the comment section below.

Level 1-1 Mold
Level 1-2 Egg
Level 1-3 Salt
Level 1-4 Pasta
Level 1-5 Milk
Level 1-6 Frying
Level 1-7 Plates
Level 1-8 Ketchup
Level 1-9 Watermelon
Level 1-10 Pan
Level 1-11 Parsley
Level 1-12 Grilling
Level 1-13 Bowls
Level 1-14 Bread
Level 1-15 Pizza
Level 1-16 Muffin
Level 1-17 Mushroom
Level 1-18 Burger
Level 1-19 Sugar
Level 1-20 Chopping

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